Friday, 15 September 2017

Going Forward You Must First Go Back

So the following is a very early draft of a now completed poem based on William Harris, who held an important role at the Bicton estate in the C19. I wanted to focus the poem around reflections on the nature of time, his own granddaughter (my grandmother Jane) and the monkey-puzzle (aurucaria) avenue) that was planted at Bicton during his life time. William's name and his wife's, Elizabeth Brewer, appear above the scroll of the poem about William Harris.

The Aurucaria (monkey puzzle) avenue is still at Bicton and we also had a monkey puzzle at our home, which I imagine Grandmother planted. Lost Trees, a poem I wrote about that tree many years ago appears below. It was published in the lovely, but now non existent Devon based poetry magazine Otter.

copyright Julie Sampson

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