Saturday, 16 September 2017

Jane Harris first on the Wheel

OK. So, though there are still many gaps in her tree, this shows four generations of Jane Harris, my father's mother's parentage.

You can find my own Finding Sites the Older Ways exploration of Jane's family beginning in this Lugg post.

Jane Harris Sampson 1876-1951

I recently drafted a poem which contains a fragment about Jane; our life-paths only just crossed. Here are a few lines from the poem:
I don't know why, but then I
think of the granny I didn't know,
how our lives had crossed
the day after, in my cradle,
     I'd cried
my first six months away
and, coming alive,
Jane, grandmother,

Then, I recall her forbearers from these parts,
their fossil traces

must litter the sandstone landscapes of this place.

Copyright Julie Sampson

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